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Slow Wifi after Upgrading In-Place To Windows 10


Still don’t know the exact root cause, but a ticket is currently open with Microsoft.  It is somehow related to Bitlocker.  Turning off Bitlocker before upgrading eliminates the problem.  Microsoft is investigating, but since I’ve had so much trouble and time spent on this, I thought I’d post this in the hope I save some other sysadmin the headache.

UPDATE 2017-09-28:  The problem certainly involves Computrace.  Though turning off Bitlocker before upgrading definitely eliminates the problem, unenrolling and re-enrolling the device in Computrace fixes the problem as well, even after a reimage.  A ticket is open with Absolute.  I will update once I have further findings.


Clock not syncing after upgrading in place to Windows 10 (1607)

This was a hard one to Google.  Turns out, upgrading in-place from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 resets NTP settings to defaults per Microsoft.  Solution is to either unregister and re-register w32tm or create a GPO for NTP settings.