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[Powershell] Querying ServiceNow via REST

Compiling reports for ServiceNow is a pain with its built-in report builder, since by default it will only return 10,000 records.  Fortunately, they provide a REST API.  This script will page 1000 records at a time, both for ServiceNow record limitations, and avoiding HTTP timeouts.

$snUrl = "https://your-company.service-now.com"
$table = "table_you_want"
[int]$limit = 1000
$snApi = "api/now/v1"
$sncred = Get-Credential
[int]$numRecords = (Invoke-RestMethod -Uri $("$snUrl/$snApi/stats/$table" + "?sysparm_count=true") -Credential $sncred).result.stats.count
$numIterations = [int][math]::Ceiling(($numRecords / $limit))
$jsonTable = $null
for ($i=0; $i -lt $numIterations; $i++){
    $offset = $i * $limit
    $jsonTable += (Invoke-RestMethod -Uri $("$snUrl/$snApi/table/$table" + "?sysparm_offset=$offset&sysparm_limit=$limit") -Credential $sncred).result